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You are more than welcome for a Maternity Session with Veronica Touma Photography,  please read the details below for an awesome and smooth photo session experience:

  • Pregnancy Sessions are best when your Tummy is nice and round so book accordingly, ideally between 7-8 months and before your entire body swells and its uncomfortable.
  • Please keep yourself at rest before then session as we have a lot of movements involved in a session.
  • Make sure you take your proper meal before the session as it my get tiring and drink lots of water before and during the sessions as well.
  • You can choose any beautiful gown from my collection or you can wear any solid color clothes you are comfortable with ideally gowns as they look classy for a maternity session.
  • I have lots of maternity gowns available in Studio which you can use for your sessions (if interested please discuss while booking)
  • Your partner on the other hand can wear coordinating clothes which do not mean the same exact color but something which is complementing the style. (Please no checks, strips or florals)
  • Hair, Makeup and Nails is not a must but is preferred if possible as it will enhance your looks.
  • You and your partner can keep an extra pair of clothes for the session if you like.
  • You can keep along any accessories or props you would like to include in a session, such as ultrasound photos, baby booties or any keepsakes.
  • Place of Session either indoor or outdoor can be discussed on appointment. (extra charges will be applied for any outdoor shoot)

I hope I have answered all your questions for a Maternity Session.

Incase you have any further queries you are more than welcome to email, message or call, will be more than happy to assist you.

Hoping to see you at your Photo Session, will try to make it a special one for you. 

Lastly a lot of wishes for your new bundle of joy. Best of Luck.


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